495 - January 2010
January 1st, 2010 - January 31st, 2010



NOTRE-DAME-DU-CAP - Fernand Jetté and spirituality
Fernand Jetté, o.m.i. et la spiritualité (in French only) is a scanned work, edited and annotated by Eugène LAPOINTE, with the expert collaboration of Léonce PAQUET. The work covers more than 1,000 pages (3 volumes) of the unedited spiritual writings of Fr. Fernand JETTÉ, over a period of twenty years as professor and religious formator. Other volumes are being prepared. 

It is possible to have the three volumes already published. One can write to the Archives Deschâtelets. The three volumes are of nearly 400 pages each, in “letter” format.” One can order them from Father André DUBOIS, Director of the Archives, at his e-mail address:andubomi@yahoo.ca . (INFO OMI, 15 December 2009)

OMI LACOMBE - The first six years of a new province
Six years ago, the OMI Lacombe Province of Canada became a reality with the merger of the former Oblate Provinces of Grandin, Manitoba, St. Mary, St. Peter and St. Paul. Father André BOYER was the first provincial of this new province. Before finishing his mandate, he communicated with the members of the province through the province’s web site. Here is an excerpt of his “farewell address.”

Each one of you will shortly be receiving a publication on the history of OMI Lacombe Canada entitled The Path is made in the Walking. We have certainly journeyed well over these last six years.

Journeying People:

- Journeying People is a rich image of our response to God’s unconditional love – our God who loves us into Life,
- who calls us to the fullness of Life,
- who sends us to companion and to enliven others.

In looking at the journey, Scripture gives us these sign posts to mark our way:


A disciple is one:

- who listens and who learns God’s word from someone who knows-
- who hears and who obeys God’s commands from someone who speaks with authority-
- who seeks Life and who follows someone who creates possibilities for it.

We are each called to a lifetime journey of personal discipleship.

Over these last six years we have come to appreciate the necessity of leaning on God’s word and seeking Life through our journey. We know there have been plenty of rough roads but with our foundation secure we have been able to journey onward. 
II. Friendship

- Friendship is a call to a way of being in relation to each other mutually.
- Friendship is a way of working in relation to each other in collaboration. - Friendship assumes that each of us accepts oneself and others as persons with gifts and limits.
- It assumes that all of us accept our shared responsibility for creating relationships that enhance life.
- Friendship with Jesus and each other calls us to become responsible stewards of ourselves and our resources.
- To companion others as friends required ascetic discipline.
- I must let go my preferred “goods”, that we can create a common good.
- I must lay down parts of my life – my old patterns, so that new patterns more creative of life can emerge.
- I must lay open to the scrutiny of others my commitment to use my gifts in collaborative service and the possibility of my exceeding my limits.

As a new Province, we have been richly blessed in many areas from being mere fellow workers to becoming friends. We have seen this transpire as Oblates begin to move across former provincial boundaries and also as we have seen the expansion of works in our Kenya Mission.

III. Prophecy

To hear the prophetic word in the solitude of intimate prayer and to speak that prophetic word in a public arena on behalf of persons 
- who are without power,
- who are without voice or
- who are victims of injustice is to assume a prophetic stance.

As members of OMI Lacombe Canada Province our Mission Statement challenges us to continue to be prophetic in all that we do. (www.omilacombe.ca, 4 December 2009)

NOTRE-DAME-DU-CAP - A well-deserved medal
A “star” has been noticed in the little known regions of the Northern Coast! On May 24, 2009, Father Laurent DESAULNIERS received from the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, Mr. Pierre Duschesne, the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Elders, “in recognition of your involvement in the community and your generosity.” The recipient responded: “The honor that you bestow upon me reflects upon my human family and my religious family: the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. The generosity which you mention…I owe it to the Inuit communities for which I have dedicated all of my energies. I hope that my presence facilitates closer ties between the natives and the non-natives, and that it will engage us even more in this new era of fellowship among peoples, according to the Declaration of the United Nations on the rights of native peoples.”

Congratulations and thank you, Fr. Laurent, for this message sent out from the wide open spaces, often traveled in moccasins for many years. (Robert CHATEAUNEUF in INFO OMI 1 December 2009)

NOTRE-DAME-DU-CAP - A second African missionary for Canada
OMI Information announced, in its No. 494 (December 2009), that Fr. Pascalis Pali PITSO had left Lesotho in November to join the Oblate Province of Notre-Dame-du-Cap, Canada, to work there as a missionary.

A few weeks later, Fr. Patrick Maboee MATSAU, from Lesotho, arrived in Montreal on December 2, 2009. He set out for James Bay, leaving Ottawa by bus on Monday, December 14. Bishop Vincent CADIEUX met him at Cochrane and then accompanied him to Moosonee. Fr. Matsau will later meet Fr. Pitso at Attawapiskat. Fr. Jacques LALIBERTÉ, vicar provincial and superior of the provincial house, is traveling with the two missionaries. They will come “South” at the beginning of January, to visit other Amerindian reserves and to begin their acculturation with the Canadians and the Amerindians, learning languages, etc. (INFO OMI, 15 December 2009)

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