500 - June 2010
June 1st, 2010 - June 30th, 2010



No. 34-44

NameProv./Del.BornDied atDate
Fr. Gérard BeaudetOMI Lacombe25/08/1920Saskatoon28/04/2010
Fr. Joseph BeckersBelgium/Holland11/10/1924Eupen06/05/2010
Fr. Pierre KerzoncufFrance15/06/1924Paris08/05/2010
Fr. John LazarskyUnited States07/07/1912Dallas09/05/2010
Bro. Robert DutilUnited States09/09/1922Tewksbury12/05/2010
Fr. Roland DelaunayNotre-Dame-du-Cap23/05/1924Richelieu12/05/2010
Bro. Louis-Philippe LavalléeNotre-Dame-du-Cap15/11/1919Richelieu15/05/2010
Bro. Gottlieb ShiimiNamibia10/05/1929Windhoek16/05/2010
Deac. Bro. Sebastian MadinabeitiaSpain09/05/1924Madrid18/05/2010
Fr. William FanningAnglo-Irish10/10/1916Inchicore30/05/2010
Fr. Giovanni ColomboItaly15/09/1936Rome03/06/2010
“They are before God, bearing the sign, the kind of character proper to our Institute, the vows common to all its members, the firm habit of the same virtues. We are linked to them by the bonds of a special charity. They are still our brothers and we are theirs. They now live in our mother-house, our main residence. The prayers and the love they retain for us will one day draw us to them and we shall live in our place of rest together with them.”
(Letter of Founder to Fr. Courtès, 22 July 1828)

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