525 - September 2012
July 4th, 2012 - August 29th, 2012



No. 46-65

NameProv./Del.BornDied atDate
Fr. Stefan KrukPoland20/02/1933Gdansk27/06/2012
Fr. Paul-Antoine HudonOMI Lacombe03/03/1927St. Albert28/06/2012
Fr. André MorinFrance21/08/1920Pontmain04/07/2012
Fr. Robert ParadisOMI Lacombe31/08/1922St. Albert09/07/2012
Bro. Anthony SzklarskiUnited States03/06/1935St. Paul11/07/2012
Fr. Charles CathelinFrance13/08/1931Gorze12/07/2012
Sch. Jason DuckAustralia24/09/1971Moe15/07/2012
Fr. Richard AveryNotre-Dame-du-Cap07/07/1940Richelieu17/07/2012
Fr. Jerome DowlingOMI Lacombe08/10/1950Calgary21/07/2012
Fr. Normal PahlUnited States09/01/1933St. Paul23/07/2012
Fr. Bruno ArensPhilippines/Thailand01/06/1943Saint Vith24/07/2012
Fr. Alfons Strancich Poland30/10/1933Poznan25/07/2012
Fr. Herve GagnonUnited States19/07/1919Tewksbury27/07/2012
Fr. Gaetano NanniAustralia03/09/1919Fremantle30/07/2012
Fr. Luc LombartBelgium/Holland16/11/1925Lobbes31/07/2012
Bro. Noël Gaudet Notre-Dame-du-Cap25/12/1920Richelieu05/08/2012
Fr. August Bös Central European26/03/1921Fulda09/08/2012
Fr. Joseph VaillancourtHaiti30/08/1920Lowell10/08/2012
Fr. George PurvesNatal29/01/1931Durban14/08/2012
Fr. Paul LebbeBelgium/Netherlands10/12/1927Roulers18/08/2012

“They are before God, bearing the sign, the kind of character proper to our Institute, the vows common to all its members, the firm habit of the same virtues. We are linked to them by the bonds ofa special charity. They are still our brothers and we are theirs. They now live in our mother-house, our main residence.
The prayers and the love they retain for us will one day draw us to them and weshall live in our place of rest together with them.” (Letter of Founder to Fr. Courtès, 22 July 1828)

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