543 - April 2014
February 26th, 2014 - March 28th, 2014



No. 22-34

NameProv./Del.BornDied atDate
Fr. Luciano CupiaMediterranean30/07/1927Rome26/02/2014
Fr. William O’DonovanAnglo-Irish13/11/1917Inchicore27/02/2014
Fr. Pierre VeyratOMI Lacombe04/07/1923St. Albert27/02/2014
Fr. Stanislaw Toman Poland08/05/1937Katowice01/03/2014
Fr. François Dyjak Assumption11/10/1941Vancouver03/03/2014
Fr. Jan JopPoland02/10/1928Lubliniec 05/03/2014
Fr. Alexandre LavoieNotre-Dame-du-Cap19/10/1919Richelieu08/03/2014
Fr. Pierre RigaudOMI Lacombe29/05/1920St. Albert09/03/2014
Bro. Paul RicardUnited States11/08/1944Tewksbury15/03/2014
Fr. John NgubaneNatal23/08/1923Durban17/03/2014
Fr. James ErvingUnited States22/01/1971San Antonio18/03/2014
Fr. Gerald BarrettUnited States14/01/1937San Antonio20/03/2014
Fr. Ernst DrescherPoland16/08/1926Hünfeld22/03/2014

“They are before God, bearing the sign, the kind of character proper to our Institute, the vows common to all its members, the firm habit of the same virtues. We are linked to them by the bonds ofa special charity. They are still our brothers and we are theirs. They now live in our mother-house, our main residence. 
The prayers and the love they retain for us will one day draw us to them and weshall live in our place of rest together with them.” (Letter of Founder to Fr. Courtès, 22 July 1828)

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