552 - February 2015
January 7th, 2015 - February 1st, 2015



Prayers for our deceased
2014 --- No. 105-107 

Name Prov./Del. Born Died at Date
Fr. Peter Sachta Del. France/Benelux 29/06/1935 Frankfurt 15/12/2014
Fr. Jan Severins Belgium/Holland 10/09/1927 Waregem 31/12/2014
Fr. Denis McCarthy
Australia 10/08/1925 Springvale 31/12/2014

2015 --- No. 1-10

Name Prov./Del. Born Died at Date
Fr. Domenico Vitantonio Mediterranean 24/01/1926 Pescara 01/01/2015
Bro. John Heysel OMI Lacombe 10/09/1929 Vancouver 05/01/2015
Bro. André Dagenais Notre-Dame-du-Cap 11/04/1937 Ottawa 05/01/2015
Bishop Joseph Djida Cameroun 08/04/1945 N'Gaoundéré 05/01/2015
Fr. Georges Pizet France 20/06/1922 Lyon 09/01/2015
Fr. Jean Laperrière Notre-Dame-du-Cap 04/06/1916 Richelieu 09/01/2015
Bro. Clément Charest Notre-Dame-du-Cap 01/04/1929 Richelieu 15/01/2015
Bro. Paul Travers France 02/09/1939 Pontmain 18/01/2015
Fr. Claude Saint-Laurent Notre-Dame-du-Cap 04/04/1931 Richelieu 19/01/2015
Bro. Arthur Van Hecke OMI Lacombe 23/09/1922 St. Albert 21/01/2015
                     “They are before God, bearing the sign, the kind of character proper to our Institute,
                             the vows common to all its members, the firm habit of the same virtues. 
                                          We are linked to them by the bonds of a special charity. 
            They are still our brothers and we are theirs. They now live in our mother-house, our main residence. 
The prayers and the love they retain for us will one day draw us to them and weshall live in our place of rest together                                     with them.” (Letter of Founder to Fr. Courtès, 22 July 1828)

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