564 - March 2016
February 9th, 2016 - March 11th, 2016



No. 10-19

Name Prov./Del. Born Died at Date
Fr. Carmelino Razon Philippines 25/11/1948 Cotabato City 20/12/2015
Fr. Bernard Crouvezier France 26/09/1926 Lyon 05/02/2016
Fr. Etienne van Dooselaere Belgium/Holland 03/10/1937 Oostduinkerke 17/02/2016
Fr. Agustin Petru Mexico 24/05/1928 Mexico City 21/02/2016
Scho. Jean Claude Mossoula Modounga Cameroon 20/12/1990 Yaoundé 22/02/2016
Fr. Matthews Mokiti Lesotho 07/04/1959 Maseru 23/02/2016
Fr. Léon Iwele Enak Congo 02/05/1957 Kinshasa 23/02/2016
Fr. Igino Ingriselli Mediterranean 07/01/1933 Piedimonte Matese 25/02/2016
Fr. André Rebuffet France 09/10/1923 Lyon 26/02/2016
Fr. Heinrich Josef Rink C. European 11/06/1929 Hünfeld 29/02/2016

"They are before God, bearing the sign, the kind of character proper to our Institute,
the vows common to all its members, the firm habit of the same virtues.
We are linked to them by the bonds of a special charity. They are still our brothers and we are theirs.
They now live in our mother-house, our main residence.
The prayers and the love they retain for us will one day draw us to them and we shall live in our place of rest together with them.”
(Letter of Founder to Fr. Courtès, 22 July 1828)

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