569 - September 2016
August 1st, 2016 - September 11th, 2016



Capitulars and Auxiliary Personnel

On 14 September 2016, 82 Oblates of Mary Immaculate will begin an historic journey that occurs approximately every six years: the 36th General Chapter. From the chapel of the General House of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in Rome, while singing the Veni, Creator Spiritus, they will move in procession to the great Aula where the Superior General, Fr. Louis LOUGEN, will officially open the meeting.


Some of those at the Chapter will be there "ex officio” (see names in BOLD). Five Brothers (names in ITALICS), one from each Region, have been invited by the Superior General. The rest were elected by their fellow Oblates from the various Regions, their number based on the number of professed Oblates in the Region.

There will be the "wisdom of age” and the "wisdom of youth.” The youngest capitular is 34 years old; the "senior capitular” is 79; both are from the Region of Africa-Madagascar. The median age is 52. The mean or average age is 53.8.

In addition to the capitulars, there will be some 48 Oblates (31 priests, 1 Brother, and 16 scholastics) serving as auxiliary personnel to help the smooth day-to-day operation of the Chapter. The scholastics are students at the International Roman Scholasticate and the Italian Province’s International Scholasticate in Vermicino, just outside of Rome.

Throughout the Chapter, the Oblate Information Service will provide updates on the Congregation’s website (www.omiworld.org).



Anthony David Kumar 47 General Administration
Archiati Paolo 64 General Administration
Brown Warren 61 General Administration
Dessureault Marc 53 General Administration
Fritz Miguel 61 General Administration
Lougen Louis 64 General Administration
Mosoeu Emmanuel 58 General Administration
Ngoka Cornelius 47 General Administration
Piñón Gilberto 73 General Administration
Rois Alonso Luis Ignacio 52 General Administration
Waidyasekara Clement 70 General Administration


Azrak Mario 50 Kenya
Boatile Mothusi Sidney 34 Botswana
Cairns Ronald 69 S. Africa, Northern
Dagavounansou Edouard 39 Cameroun
Diakanou Jean-Marie 47 Cameroun
Favero Bruno 57 Senegal
Kasperski Mariusz 53 Madagascar
Kibombwe Freeborn Fr. 45 Zambia
Matsoso Antony 79 Lesotho
Mazibuku Vusumuzi 51 Natal
Mosemedi Lukas 43 Namibia
Muthunda Hengelela Guillaume 48 Congo
Nabwenje Charles 42 Zimbabwe
Nsolo Habell 56 Congo
Owono Ndih Ferdinand 42 Cameroun
Rathokoa Mokone 50 S. Africa, Central


Daly Peter 61 Australia
De Guia Lauro 60 Philippines
De los Reyes Gerry Gamaliel 52 Thailand
Garcia Noel 50 Philippines
Giorgianni Maurizio 53 Korea
Kalisz Slawomir 45 China
Madej Andrzej 64 Turkmenistan
Rajabana Antonius 47 Indonesia
Rozairo Bradly 51 Japan
Sandhappan Chinappan 49 India
Sarkar Dilip 55 Bangladesh
Selvaratnam Edwin 51 Jaffna
Silva Jude Rohan 57 Colombo
Tran Quang Khuong Emmanuel 56 Vietnam
Warnakulasuriya Derrick Vernon 52 Pakistan


Antone William 64 United States
Bleackley James 68 Lacombe
Forster Kenneth 69 Lacombe
Gil Marian 54 Asumption
Lepage Remi 41 Notre-Dame-du-Cap
Pulchny Christopher 65 Assumption
Rossignol Jason 38 United States
Studer Louis 66 United States
Taggart James 65 United States
Tardif Luc 64 Notre-Dame-du-Cap
Thorson Kenneth 50 Lacombe
Tremblay Pierre-Olivier 45 Notre-Dame-du-Cap


Bochm Antoni 47 Poland
Coryn Daniel 73 Belgium-Netherlands
Dabkowski Rafal 36 Poland
Garcia Moreno Ismael 40 Mediterranean
Gnemmi Alberto 52 Mediterranean
Griffin Liam 64 Anglo-Irish
Gruber Vincent 54 France
Jastrzebski Andrzej 43 Poland
Kadlec Vlastimil Jan 43 Central European
Kluj Wojciech 50 Poland
Langlet Jacques Fr. 44 France
Obergfell Stefan 56 Central European
Rosato Gennaro 53 Mediterranean
Vervust Georges 74 Belgium-Netherlands
Warren Raymond 53 Anglo-Irish
Wyszkowski Pawel 41 Ukraine
Zajac Pawel 40 Poland


Albergati Tejera Jorge 53 Uruguay
Carrillo Francisco 65 Paraguay
Castillo Villegas Jose Luis 50 Mexico
Huaman Camayo Alberto 46 Peru
Mamani Calixto 46 Bolivia
Mariangeli Antonio 58 Argentina-Chile
Martinez Morales Jose Ariel 50 Mexico
Mazile Loudeger 59 Haiti
Printemps Jean-Francois 47 Haiti
Rubeaux Francisco 77 Brazil
Ruiz Iriarte Ivar 52 Bolivia

Auxiliary Personnel
(Scholastics in italics)

Auxiliary Person Age Unit Role at Chapter
Allen James 78 United States Secretary, Communications
Amirrhanathar Jenis 29 Jaffna Hospitality
Bernabe Ramon 52 Philippines Moderator
Berrutti Fernando 26 Mediterranean Liturgy
Branda Danilo 36 Mediterranean Hospitality
Ciardi Fabio 67 General Admin. Ambience
Deurnoudj Omdel 31 Chad Secretariat
Diodati Antonio 27 Mediterranean Secretariat
Doolalila Noel 44 Cameroun Translator
Glabas Grzegorz 32 Mediterranean Information Tech.
Harding Nicholas 64 United States Translator
Havlich Andriy 37 Mediterranean Hospitality
Igbozurike Alexius 39 Cameroun Translator
Jacinthe Vedely 24 Haiti Secretariat
Jasmin Jean Hérick 44 Colombia Moderator
Jayawardena Shanil 35 General Admin. Communications
Jazgier Marek 51 General Admin. Secretariat
Johannes Vitalis 26 Namibia Secretariat
Joseph Jean-Beauduis 36 Colombia Translator
Keradec Bernard 70 France Moderator
Khathali Calistus 48 Intern. Scholasticate Liturgy, Hospitality
Klosterkamp Thomas 51 General Admin. Hospitality
Kulla Andre 25 Central European Liturgy, Hospitality
Laframboise Ronald 75 United States Translator
Leblanc Daniel 65 United States Translator
León Mario A. 42 Western Sahara Translator
Lesage Maurice 80 Notre-Dame-du-Cap Translator
Majola Bonga 35 General Admin. Liturgy
Malczewski Piotr 22 Poland Ambience
Muñoz David 34 United States Translator
O'Donnell William 73 General Admin. Secretariat
Olea Hipólito 39 Guatemala Translator
Orth Christian 25 Central European Liturgy
Ovalle Thomas 66 United States Translator
Ratajczak Pawel 40 Assumption Translator
Rozario Arun 43 General Admin Secretariat
Saez Martín Diego 37 Ukraine Translator
Saliba Renaud 46 France Translator
Sartor Roberto 64 General Admin. Hospitality, Ambience
Sene Joseph 27 Senegal Liturgy
Serwin Marcin 30 Assumption Information Tech
Surenthirarajah James 29 Jaffna Liturgy
Velazquez Fernando 38 United States Translator
Vey Patrick 25 Central European Ambience
Wolniak Zygmunt Bro. 57 General Admin. Assistant
Youngten Emmanuel 35 Cameroun Translator
Zulu Matthews 33 Zambia Liturgy

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36th General Chapter 2016
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