Past Issues - 1 - 2012/1
«Audacieux pour l’Évangile»? Les leçons de Louis-Toussaint Dassy
Summary – “Audacieux pour l’Évangile” (Daring in favor of the Gospel): This expression is dear to the Oblates since it reveals their concept of mission, as well as their manner of life! But just how far are they willing to go lest this become a mere slogan for publicity? The article clarifies this question beginning with the example of Louis-Toussaint Dassy. This man from Marseilles, a companion of Eugene de Mazenod, was an Oblate for thirty-five years, contributing to some of the most beautiful pages of Oblate history by founding Notre Dame de l’Osier, Bon Secours, Nancy-Sion and Bordeaux-Talence. However, a few years after the death of Eugene de Mazenod, he left the Congregation in order to dedicate himself entirely to his work for young blind people in Marseilles when he founded the Congregation of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate. Was this evangelical daring or a controlled skid? To clarify the question, this article goes back to take a second look at the rich correspondence he exchanged with Eugene de Mazenod from 1834 to 1861.


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