Truly Apostolic Men

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Truly Apostolic Men
Rome - 2014

THE AUTHOR - Joseph T. La Belle, OMI, was born in Lowell, Massachusetts (USA) on 12 June 1956. Although his initial professional formation and work experience was in the field of computing science, he entered the Oblate novitiate of Godfrey, Illinois, in 1987 and continued his theological studies at the former Oblate College in Washington, DC, taking the steps to both final oblation and ordination in 1992. After some years of pastoral ministry and Oblate pre-novitiate formation in the northeastern United States, he completed his licentiate in spiritual theology (1999) and his STD (2006) at the Pontifical Institute for Spirituality Teresianum, Rome). He has also served in post-novitiate formation at George Sexton House of Studies (1999-2004) and on the faculty at Oblate School of Theology (2007-2012), both in San Antonio, Texas. His articles on Oblate spirituality and other spirituality topics have appeared in Spiritual Life, Vie Oblate Life, Offerings (Oblate School of Theology), and Oblatio. He is currently assigned to the international Oblate community at Aix en Provence.

THE BOOK considers elements of the tradition of “apostolic life” as it was perceived by Eugene de Mazenod in his early ministry years and which influenced his vision for the Missionaries of Provence during its first ten years of existence. De Mazenod’s view may be theologically envisioned as having three “vectors” along which he strove to develop his love: his “love of God” as expressed in his prayer and his devotional relationship with Jesus, a proper “love of self” through the cultivation of key virtues, and his “love of neighbor” which was honed within Oblate community and poured out in ministry. The conclusion suggests how de Mazenod’s spiritual theology may be more fully appreciated through the lens of the Second Vatican Council.
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